Single-component flame retardant insulating

Our products are known for their thermal performance, superior durability, and ease of application. Making your home or company fireproof is simply a matter of choosing the right solution for your needs.


i-GlooKlima iGK2 is a formula developed in i-GlooAdvance research laboratories.

It is a new-generation high-performance thermal and flame retardant system for industrial and civil structures.

i-GlooKlima is applicable in horizontal and vertical surfaces from 0.5 to 12 mm thick in several hands, reinforcing between one hand and the other with a fiberglass mesh.

Suitable for insulating and protecting against fire, for concrete structures, plasters, horizontal and vestigial walls inside and outside concrete, balconies, terraces, window walls, iron structures, and industrial applications.

Protects against thermal bridges and the formation of mold and condensation from moisture.

Some examples of application

i-GlooKlima is a fire-retardant and heat-insulating plaster made with high-quality materials. The product can be applied directly to steel structures such as beams, columns, and other structural elements.

It is also suitable for waterproofing concrete walls, floors, and ceilings. In addition, it is suitable for thermal insulation of concrete walls, floors, and ceilings.

The fire-retardant and heat-insulating one-component gypsum is a ready-to-use product with an excellent protective coating on steel, concrete, and other surfaces. It is ideal for use in all industries with a risk of fire and vibration, such as construction, civil engineering, and shipbuilding.

Thermal and fireproof insulation of:

  • balconies, terraces;
  • before or after the laying of ceramic coverings;
  • plasterboard surfaces;
  • cement plasters of internal and external walls;
  • lightened concrete blocks;
  • Industrial applications.

Thermal and fireproof insulation of plasters and concretes:

  • piles and concrete decks;
  • road and rail viaducts;
  • structures with an inadequate thickness of the iron cover.

Protection of thermal bridges:

  • Balconies and window panels;
  • Metal structures;
  • Intersection of different materials;
  • Terraces and pillars.

Protection against mold and condensate:

  • Close to windows and balconies;
  • Close to heaters and air conditioners;
  • Roofs or walls;
  • Ceilings and floors;
  • Plumbing, including drains and pipes;
  • Air conditioning units, ducts, and vents.


i-GlooKlima is fireproof and heat-insulating. It can be used in all types of construction work. i-GlooKlima is a high-quality and highly effective product, easy to use and provides excellent results in waterproofing, thermal insulation, and anti-mold of buildings.
i-GlooKlima is a one-component thermal insulation and fire retardant product that can be applied on almost all types of surfaces, inside and outside. The product is suitable for both non-combustible (external) and combustible (internal) wooden or steel structures, from factories to warehouses and warehouses to prefabricated houses.


  • Extremely fast processing times, 75% faster than traditional products
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Application spatula can be used both internally and externally;
  • Anti-corrosion from all types of external agents prevents the formation of new mold, breathable and water-repellent;
  • Non-toxic because water-based, odorless, and low VOC leveling power;
  • Able to uniform all irregularities and imperfections at low costs compared to a normal coat (including structural interventions);
  • Durable.


Manual application:
About 1 L/mm² per mm thick.

Application by spray:
About 1 L/mm² per mm thick with plaster.

N.B.: The consumption may vary depending on the surface conditions. The data indicated refers to applications on flat surfaces with a regular substrate.


The procedure involves a first coat of paste, followed by laying a fiberglass net and applying a second coat of paste.
To ensure a uniform laying, we recommend laying the first coat with a notched spatula depth of 5mm and distance teeth of 1 cm.
Next, it is planned to lay the wet mesh on wet fiberglass maximum weight of 160gr, applied in strips of the length of the net, taking care of the overlap of at least 10 cm of the edges of the adjacent nets, both horizontally and vertically and proceed to the filling of the grooves with a smooth spatula.
At the surface drying of the product, you can proceed to the finish. We recommend the application of breathable finishes with the same degree of breathability or higher so as not to affect the product’s breathability and allow optimal drying.

The application method of the product i-GlooKlima IGK2 is similar to the application method of a common “shaving” arm.

Our services

Analisi Del Progetto


Assistance in drafting specifications and supporting the designer in choosing the most suitable solution for the work.



- We check the drying of iGK2.
- Adhesion and tear tests.
- Test of resistance to wear.
- i-GlooKlima complies with CE and Civil Defence requirements in UAE.

ispezione in caniere


In agreement with the client, we offer technical support to the management and technicians of the work before the start of the works on site, the activities preparatory to the proper execution of the works are planned, and all aspects of the works to be performed are defined.

middle aged man on building site with yellow helmet and checkered shirt working with his tablet


i-GlooKlima provides an on-site screening service. One of our technicians will assist the installation team in all project phases.



A second important site inspection takes place before IGK2 is laid. All previously performed services are evaluated and verified, and documentation will be produced.



As our installation manuals indicate, i-GlooKlima must be laid optimally to achieve the perfect result. The manual gives specific indications about to have a perfect installation. i-GlooKlima iGK2 has the fastest drying times on the market.

Bodenleger misst den Estrich auf Restfeuchte mit dem CM-Messgerät, um die Verlegreife sicher zu stellen


Following our strict quality standards, we take samples on-site to determine their mechanical characteristics.



- We can meet every need; we can do any type of test at the request of the customer.
- Assistance in a very short time by our technicians in the office.
- Assistance in a very short time by our technicians on-site.

10-year warranty on i-GlooKlima applications with responsibility for technicians and installers

i-GlooKlima is a thoughtless product, and it is the only product on the market that offers a 10-year warranty exempting designers and installers from any responsibility.


Our quality controls at all stages of the installation are carried out with strict quality protocols. We perform, free of charge, compression and bending strength analysis, measurements with carbide hygrometer, and other tests.  All test results are made in accordance with our quality system ISO 9001, ICQ plus in UAE.


Our exclusive service allows all parties involved in the project, installers and technicians, to be exempted from any liability thanks to our insurance guarantee.

Commercial and construction sectors

i-GlooKlima is a line of Commercial/Construction products with fireproof and thermal insulation materials to cover a complex range of hidden fireproof environments. Our products, Dry and Wet Spray and Intumescent, are used for a wide range of applications for both new construction and reconstruction.

We specialize in thermal and fireproof insulation of interior walls, ceilings, and facades. Our product combines maximum performance with quick and easy application, so our services are required by the shipbuilding, steel, and industrial sectors.

Petrochemical industry

With a range of lightweight flame retardant materials with obvious advantages, i-GlooKlima PassiveFire-resistive Protection (PFP) and thermal insulation systems are located around the world, efficiently, predictably, and reliably protecting. At the heart of the i-GlooKlima protection system is the most advanced family of lightweight flame retardant materials, each with distinct uses and advantages, designed to cover a full range of industrial applications.
The addition of Portland cement to the i-GlooKlima offers exceptional resilience, validated by the industry’s most rigorous and dynamic physical properties and fire testing, and decades of on-site performance.

i-GlooKlima has been designed for use in buildings subject to fire safety standards or which have already undergone a fire test (such as class 45/75). It is also suitable for buildings that have yet to be subjected to such tests but require thermal insulation or fire retardant due to their design characteristics or because they are located in highly vulnerable areas (for example, near wooded areas).
i-GlooKlima is suitable for insulation of buildings with large temperature differences between indoor and outdoor environments (such as food storage warehouses). The product is characterized by high thermal insulation properties in both directions: from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. This allows it to be used not only as a flame retardant material but also as a thermal insulation layer on the external surface of the facades or as a protection against condensation on the external facades.