Fluid Screed

Advanced Truck

Our Advanced Truck is a groundbreaking advancement in auto-leveling cement screeds, bringing a fresh approach, and making the process faster, thanks to the unique compound created in our laboratory and the capability to mix it directly on-site.

About Advance Truck

The Advanced Truck represents an innovative Automatic Mobile Mixer and Pumping System tailored for screeds and the production of dry premixed screeds. 

It Addresses the logistical requirements of construction sites, introducing efficient solutions for floor installation. 

This cutting-edge technology not only streamlines the process, resulting in quicker operations but also enhances earnings through heightened productivity. Furthermore, it creates opportunities for rapid growth within the construction sector.

10 Years Guarantee

A 10-year guarantee on I-Gloo Advance SuperFluid screeds, with exemption from liability for technicians and installers.

i-GlooAdvance SuperFluid stands out as a worry-free product; our screed additive is the sole product in the market providing a 10-year warranty, relieving designers and installers of any responsibility.

Self-leveling Cement Screed


Self-leveling screeds are well-suited for various applications, including homes, schools, gyms, offices, and other large indoor areas in residential and commercial settings. The exceptional evenness makes them ideal for the seamless application of any type of flooring.